More Peg Info

More “Peg” Info:

Can’t believe I forgot, for so long that “Peg” is all over “Eye Know” from “Three Feet High and Rising”

Also, Steely’s Aja will be added to the Library of Congress National Recording Registry this year. Other notable records added to the Registry include Trout Mask Replica and Tipitina, in the original Professor Longhair recording.  It’s a good thing, too, because, in my essay on Peg, I try to talk about the distinction between Peg and Ella Guru, from Trout Mask – In Peg, all the musicianship and precision is pushed underneath the standard 12 bar blues progression. In Ella Guru, it’s all (I mean ALL) pushed to the fore, barely retaining the blues structure.

And here’s a spirited defense of Aja’s listing on the National Registry

The Blues. Don’t it look like I have a wispy beard, a fishing hat, and a paunch now?

I actually seem to think someone’s gonna click those links.


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