Stray Sentences About “Peg”

I’m writing an essay about the first melody I remember hearing – a little squiggly melody during the chorus of Peg – here are some stray notes:

At one point during “Classic Albums: Steely Dan, Aja” Donald Fagan and Walter Becker are listening to “Black Cow,” and Fagan’s kind of explaining the lyrics. When it gets to the chorus, and the backing singers sing “I can’t cry anymore,” Fagan says “self-explanatory.”

Then they start listening to Peg. They isolate the bass track, and Walter Becker’s big head moves as he explains that “Chuck fretted with his thumbs.” Techne. Chuck says, of the slapping the bass in the chorus “no matter who you are, you want to keep in the fold of what’s happening.”

Damn, and then, they find an alternate guitar solo on the reel-to-reel.

There are lots of videos on youtube of kids playing the drums along with some music their parents liked, “Tom Sawyer” or “Holy Diver” or whatever –  troubling trend.

“Peg” is built on this very complex jazz (Plagle sequence) chords,but in my memory all I hear is that sweet, high, three-note whistling. Uh, I think (I think) it is a clarinet and a synthesizer, double-tracked?.

I should also mention that this high whistling melody is also used in what is probably the worst Replacements song – Askin’ Me Lies. It drove me crazy, when I got that record (Shit, I hate that song, but I know all the words). That song is the veritable sound of disappointment.

Paul Groth used to talk of how the stereo and recording fundamentally changed the social space of music. You sat in your room, staring at the console, or, if you were on drugs, staring at the popcorn ceiling.

The Listener’s Song.

“Blueprint Blue” – the internet can explain any opacity.

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